In partnership with MŌDERE, provider of clean living products and complete nutrition systems, the Healthy U team has helped hundreds of clients lose weight and improve their health and quality of life over nearly a decade of nutrition and weight loss coaching. Many of us are success stories ourselves!








How you nourish your body can make–or break–your ability to achieve your health and fitness goals. Nutrition systems and supplements by MŌDERE give you the edge to succeed in the daily “workout” of nourishing your body with the fuel that will optimize weight, improve energy, and promote lean muscle development.

For 30 years, MŌDERE has been earning your trust with products that consistently deliver, using only safe, healthy ingredients. Visit modere.com/liveClean to learn more about our clean living philosophy, including a list of ingredients we pledge never to use.

Natural and Safe

Award Winning

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Jessica Rhodes, Managing Director Healthy U

Special thanks to Jessica Rhodes, our Managing Director (and health and fitness enthusiast)!