Restaurant-Specific Eating Recommendations



**Napa chicken and portobellos ordered with no potatoes and extra broccoli plus a side salad with vinaigrette on the side.


**Roast Turkey Farmhouse salad (add extra protein)

** Chopped salad, you will need some protein with it, you could order Angus steak sandwich and throw out the bun and put that meat on top.

Cafe Rio

**Salmon salad. No tortilla no rice no beans and chips things. Extra Pico extra cilantro a tiny little cup of their creamy dressing.

**Toastada no rice, no beans, no sour cream, add gauc

** Chicken salad, no tortilla, no rice, no beans, no chips add pico, add guac

Chick fil 

**Salad with grilled chicken

**2 Side Salads with baked chicken nuggets

Costa Vida

**Very similar to Cafe Rio. See ideas for Cafe Rio.

El Pollo Loco

**A combo with chicken breast, side salad and broccoli

Habit Burger

**It looks like you can have any of the burgers or sandwiches just NO bread, and NO fried.

** Salads all look great too! (I need to go here, looks yummy) You may need to add extra protein to some salads. It does not tell me how much protein is severed.

In & Out Burger

**Get a double double “Protein style” or get 2 hamburgers “Protein style”


** Baked Chicken sandwich, throw out bun, get a green side salad with it.

**I cannot find any other fish or chicken that is not fried. The salads are great but they have too many carbs.

Noodle & Company 

(The website would not let me view all the nutritional facts, so these are the two that looks the best from what I can see)

**Chineese Chicken Chop salad

**The med Salad Chicken (don’t eat the noodles)

Out back

** 6 oz Steak, steamed veggies, salad

** Salmon, steamed veggies, salad

Pizza factory 

**Zucchini and squash noodles, chicken and marinara sauce.

Red Robin

**Grilled Turkey, throw out the bun, add some extra greens

**The Garden Burger, throw out the bun, add some extra greens

** Chicken Fajita, no tortilla

Ruby River

**Filet, broccoli and salad


**Voodo Salad

**Jamaican salad

**Salmon & Maui (no rice) mango dressing should be okay

**Chicken or Burgers (no buns and EASY on the sauces…these guys love to put their fatty sauces on everything) 


**chopped salad

**Side of Tuna, ask for Veggies

Taco Bell

** Ground beef taco, buy two, throw out the shell and keep everything else. Eat it like a salad.


**Any of the salads, Dressing on the side, nor fruit


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