Getting the Most out of the M3 Weight Loss System

The M3 system helps you establish a healthy eating routine, accelerates its fat-reducing results, and provides a safety net when healthy eating isn’t always followed to perfection. Follow these three practices to get the best results:


1. ESSENTIAL: Use the products in the system as prescribed

Each day, take:

  1. Three Burn pills before 2pm.
  2. One packet of Sustain with 8 oz of unsweetened almond milk or water as an afternoon snack or as part of lunch.
  3. One scoop of Sync 20 minutes before dinner or before bed.

Doing these three things daily will help accelerate weight loss when combined with #2:

2. ESSENTIAL: Follow the healthy eating principles

No amount of supplements or exercise will overcome a poor diet. Be sure to follow the healthy eating principles described in Eating for Success in the Coaching section.

3. WHEN READY: Regular cardio exercise and resistance training

We don’t want you to become overwhelmed with trying to adopt too many new practices at once! It’s essential that you get really good at managing your diet first and foremost.

Once you are good at that and are seeing results in the form of weight loss and better energy and motivation, we recommend that you also engage in:

  1. regular cardio exercise to burn additional calories and improve overall health and well being, and
  2. resistance training if possible to increase your metabolism (rate at which calories are burned).

When you are ready to take these on, visit Fitness Plans and Guidelines in the Coaching section for ideas on how to get started.


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