M3 Weight Loss System


M3 helps you establish a healthy eating routine, accelerates its fat-reducing results, and provides a safety net when healthy eating isn’t always followed to perfection.

How it Works

M3 is a complete, balanced system containing three scientifically produced formulas that fit easily into your daily routine.

M3-Burn Burn

Burn is a patent pending thermogenic formula that kick starts your day with elevated energy, metabolism and calorie burn. Take one capsule with breakfast and up to two more with meals throughout the day.

M3-Sustain Sustain

Sustain shakes nourish lean muscle mass with plant-based protein, complete amino acids, essential vitamins and fiber to keep you moving on reduced calories while feeling full longer. Mix a shake along with lunch or as a snack between meals.

M3-Sync Sync

Sync is a blend of all three essential fibers, including heart healthy beta-glucan from oats, and acacia and prebiotic-rich fibers from apples and peas. Take one scoop before dinner to optimize digestion, curb appetite and limit calorie intake before bed.


Proven Results

When combined with exercise and a healthy, reduced-calorie diet, M3 is shown to accelerate fat reduction, helping you arrive at your desired body composition more rapidly. Typical results are one to two pounds per week. Get the best results by taking the M3 Pledge.

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