Ready to begin your healthy self improvement journey? I’m looking forward to helping and supporting you along the way!

Below I explain how the program works and how to get started. If you still have questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Let’s get started!



Introduction – What to Expect

Getting to Know Healthy U

If you haven’t already, take five minutes to familiarize yourself with who I serve, what the programs here have done for me and others, and what Healthy U can do for you (then come back here to the Programs section to learn how it works!):


Healthy U Programs

At Healthy U, you enroll in one of two different programs based upon your situation and goals. Both programs are intentionally very simple and each is based upon making three key commitments:

  1. Adopt a small number of simple lifestyle practices. This lays the foundation for success, immediate and long term.
  2. Add three supplements (called a “nutrition system”) to your daily routine. This helps establish good daily practices and accelerates your results.
  3. Participate in weekly check ins. This is the active coaching ingredient that helps you maintain your commitment, monitor your progress, and correct any problems.


How to Get Started

I’ve tried to keep it very simple to get going and begin seeing results:

First, I’ll ask you to take a short, five minute assessment. This helps me to understand your situation and goals so that I can recommend a program best suited to you. It only takes about five minutes and there’s no obligation.

Next, once I’ve sent you your program recommendation, you’ll enroll in that program. This is where the commitment happens. Enrollment includes making the commitments described in the introduction. Namely, committing to the weekly check in, adopting at least three lifestyle practices (described in the program enrollment), and ordering and using the program nutrition system. Visit the FAQ for answers to common questions such as “what does it cost to enroll?”

Finally, after you’ve enrolled, I’ll send you a password for the Coaching section. There, you’ll have access to program resources such as meal plans, success and troubleshooting tips, and the weekly check in. You’ll use this section regularly as you participate in the program.




Let’s Get Started!


Take the assessment

Take the assessment here.

I’ll review it and send you your program recommendation usually within 24 hours.


Enroll in a Program

After you’ve received your program recommendation, use the appropriate link below to enroll in the program:

Enroll in the M3 Weight Loss Program. This program emphasizes healthy, accelerated weight loss.

Enroll in the LEAN Body Sculpting program. This program emphasizes optimizing your body composition.