Here are the most common questions I receive. If you have a question you don’t see answered here, please ask me!


What are the supplements and what do they cost?

The foundation of each program is a nutrition system. A comprehensive nutrition system is much more than a collection of supplements, each is the results of years of research and testing to produce a complete solution that contains the optimal combination of health promoting natural ingredients and effective dosages to Increase EnergyReduce Fat, and Promote Lean Muscle.

Each program includes a required nutrition system. Additional, optional supplements are also available to select from, depending upon your needs and goals. The required nutrition system component averages about $150 a month.

Are there any other costs?

The nutrition system is the only cost for the program. The coaching and premium resources on this site are included in the cost of the nutrition system.

How long do the nutrition systems and other supplements take to arrive?

About three days from the time of order.

How long is the commitment? What if I change my mind?

I usually recommend a 90-day commitment (learn more about why here) but your commitment is a personal one which the coaching and programs here at Healthy U help support. However, you are not obligated to fulfill your commitment and can quit at any time, including returning any already-purchased products (view return policy). If you decide to end your commitment, I would appreciate you letting me know!

What kind of results can I expect?

Healthy weight loss results are typically 1-2 pounds per week. My clients often also experience many other benefits from healthier, more balanced eating including better energy, focus, motivation and occasionally even sleep!

Do I have to take the supplements forever to maintain my results?

The nutrition systems are not intended to be a long-term commitment. Once you’ve arrived at your body composition target, you should no longer need to rely on them if you’ve established good eating patterns. After the initial 90 days, we’ll evaluate your progress and together determine what comes next. Ultimately, a healthy, sustainable body composition is a lifestyle commitment, which I’m eager to help you achieve!


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