M3 90 Day Commitment


Why a 90 Day Commitment?

Research shows that making a commitment and sharing it with others greatly increases the likelihood of sticking with it and seeing success. We’ve found that 90 days is a great balance between what people can successfully commit to and provides sufficient time see and evaluate results, as well as establish good habits.

Beyond 90 days. The M3 Weight Loss System is not intended to be a long-term commitment. Its purpose is to help you establish good habits and accelerate fat-reducing results. After 90 days, we’ll evaluate your progress and together determine what comes next.

Once you’ve arrived at your body composition target, you should no longer need to rely on M3 if you’ve established good eating patterns. Ultimately, a healthy, sustainable body composition is a lifestyle commitment—a way of life distinguished by appreciation for natural, whole foods and ingredients, and the privilege of moving, strengthening and caring for the one body life has given you.

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