Our Promise

The Healthy U team has been doing healthy eating and lifestyle coaching for more than 8 years. And, like you, we’ve confronted the challenges–we know what it’s like to face the headwinds of baby weight, aging, and more and have tried various remedies from counting calories to fad diets. The approach we use and the principles … More Our Promise

Who the U is For

Healthy U is for those who desire to improve their health, weight, and overall quality of life, who want to feel and look their best and experience the rewarding sense of accomplishment the comes from such a meaningful and personal investment in themselves. But may have felt frustration, discouragement or even helplessness at times to get … More Who the U is For

Why it Works

For most, the enemy of success is not genetic misfortune, more often it’s misinformation or inconsistent routines and habits. Nutrition is the single biggest factor in your fitness quest. It will absolutely make–or break–your efforts. At Healthy U, we help you improve your nutritional habits with an easy-to-apply formula of 1) simple lifestyle adjustments and … More Why it Works